Test Products

These web sites allow you to test products, go to each one and sign up. They make you take a survey to see if you qualify for certain products. I have tested products for Toluna only but I am a member of the others.



Tried & Truth is NOT a Test Product site but it is a product review site for baby items, you can earn points by doing reviews and receive FREE stuff. I highly recommend it!


  1. New Glam Shine lip-gloss from L'Oréal!
    100 Products available5/15/2012 - 5/28/2012 Is up for testing on Toluna!

  2. New Rimmel Nail varnish...(nail Polish) is available for testing on 05/28/2012 on Toluna! Be one of the first 30, they havent opened the test button yet but it will be opened soon!

  3. The New Thierry Mugler wallet is available for testing on 06/11/2012 on Toluna! Be one of the first 100!